Should I Still Exercise With Lower Back Pain?



Many people who include rigorous back exercises in their daily exercise routine more or less tend to suffer from lower back pain. And even if they get this problem, most of them ignore this lower back pain and continue their regular training.

But, what they oversee is that this ignorance might do unseen damage to their body.

Now, a critical question that most people who suffer from lower back pain ask is, “Should I still exercise with lower back pain?”. 

Well, there is no absolute find to this question. Some can revise their regular exercise routine, get some home therapies to lessen the back pain, or shift the focus of their exercise.

Nonetheless, there are ample measures and devices that one can apply to get rid of their lower back pain. And one such popular exercise is the back extension exercise. This exercise is focused on strengthening the back muscles.

Unlike other exercises, doing proper back extension exercises could reduce any injury caused by overworked muscles. However, before a person adopts this exercise, they must consider a few things as it is not safe for everyone.


Back extension exercises benefit

As mentioned earlier, doing proper back extension exercises helps reduce the lower back pain of the individual. What this exercise does is that it increases the movement coordination ability of the person through their lower back. It also strengthens their back with improved endurance.

All n all, only selected people can adopt this exercise for improved back posture. It also further prevents the chance of any back injury.


Who shouldn’t do back extension exercises?

Individuals with a herniated disc shouldn’t try performing the back extension exercises as it could increase the intervertebral pressure.

Individuals with sensitive spinal nerves should not adopt this exercise unless advised by a physician or a practitioner.

Individuals with an overweight issue and poor back control only cannot perform this exercise the right way.

However, there are now enough scientific products and devices or tools that can be used to do the back extension exercise. Such a tool won’t put much pressure on the user’s lower back.


That being said, one such tool designed for the reduction of lower back pain is “Well Back.”

You can do back extension exercises at home by use of Well Back. It is your new in-home simple exercise tool that will make your life easier.


So, basically, what this device does is it can get rid of your chronic back pain with regular use at home itself. It can also naturally eliminate any sciatica issue. Correct any posture imbalance and also relieve you of your anxiety, stress, and tension. You should not have to spend extra money on getting personal guidance from physicians. 


Well Back naturally rids back pain 

The design of the Well Back is so that when you stretch your neck on it, the cervical tractions enable more oxygen flow in your body. Thus, the neck muscles relax and increase the blood flow and overall circulation. You just have to stretch your neck over it for like a minute. Soon you can feel your back and neck tightness disappear.

Proper use of Well Back is also effective for tension headaches, shoulder pain, physical therapy, poor sleep, and chronic neck pain. With the correct adjustment of the Well Back structure, you can significantly relax your back and spine. Any pressure that you feel will vanish in minutes.

What regular back extension exercises would do in a matter of time, the Well Back back stretcher would show a much-improved outcome in a matter of seconds. 


Who should use Well Back?

Well Back is structured so that the user can stretch their back as per their body type and needs. If you spent your time mainly on a chair and hunched at a desk, this device is an excellent solution for you. Suppose you have a back injury or suffer from recurring back pain. In that case, you can use this device to do back extension exercises.

Whether you have lower back pain or upper back pain, you can use this tool. All you have to do is spend like 10 minutes as needed using the device and stretch your neck muscles. You will instantly feel relief from back pain as it will restore your natural spinal curvature.

Nonetheless, people who suffer from lower back pain are always ready to try out different measures to eliminate the constant discomfort. Till now, we discussed back extension exercises benefits and the use of a Well Back back stretcher as a solution to reduce lower back pain.

Another popular back exercise that many people wonder about is whether the rear deltoid row is a back exercise. Well, the answer here is Yes. The rear deltoid row is considered a back exercise.



By now, I assume that you would know what should be done when you get lower back pain. Since doing multiple exercises with the ongoing back pain is not possible, the best choice that you could have is to get one Well Back back stretcher. It is affordable and can be used at home itself at any time. You can adjust it as per your level & requirements and get several positive outcomes on your body.


Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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