Find out the proven concept of losing weight and healthier life


Do you want to get rid of pounds, have a strong immunity and more energy ?


If you are here because of that, great! That means you are taking care of your look and health!

There is a way to lose weight without the yoyo effect, and that is not a healthy diet and training.



Simply. By cleansing the metabolism.


Cleansing the metabolism is the basis for whatever you decide, whether it is losing weight or achieving better health.

By cleansing the metabolism you restore its natural energy. It speeds up all the important organs for efficient cleansing and detoxification of the metabolism, whereas as a result there is weight loss if there is excess or cellulite/fat.


How safe is it?


It is completely safe.


And also absolutely healthy. The fact that 90% of your immune system is in the gut is enough. When you clean the gut and they function well, you strengthen your immune system. Of course, in addition to that, there is an increase in energy, better sleep, solving various problems with the digestive tract, constipation, allergies.

The products we will recommend in this text are approved by 65 Ministries of Health around the world, have international quality standards ISO, GMP, HACCP. They have been sold worldwide for 25 years. They are 100% natural without synthetic additives and have not been tested on animals.


Do they have any other advantage?


Of course! These are natural, unpolluted plants


The products are made from hand-picked wild plants from Siberia that are not exposed to pollutants, which is why they are biologically correct and so effective. Since they contain nutritious cellulose and active fibers, they produce piles and cleanse the metabolism of various toxins and various deposits where they bind parasites, cholesterol, and bile acid, which they later expel from the body. They also regulate pressure.

How it helps to lose weight?


It naturally helps the metabolism.

To understand how to lose weight and fat deposits, we first need to understand how they are formed.
First of all, fat deposits and cellulite are caused by the deposition of toxins that have not been able to get out of our bodies. Our metabolism is smart and it pushes everything that is harmful into the peripheral parts because it does not want to keep them close to vital organs, and for that reason cellulite and fatty tissue are formed. They settle in the arms, legs, along the spine, around the waist.

Fatty deposits are accumulated toxins.


What about a healthy diet and training?


Proper healthy diet and training
are important but they are not the basis.


It is possible to lose weight with hard work when we train and eat healthy, but as soon as we stop with that, the weight slowly begins to return. Why?

Because there is no basis, the metabolism is not cleansed.

Certainly, just by cleansing the metabolism we can lose weight. Training and healthy diet are just a plus and will definitely help for even better results. Athletes also cleanse the metabolism because it raises energy, strength and provides better health.


Are there any contraindications?


There are no contraindications. The products we recommend are 100% natural.


The products are completely natural without harmful and potentially harmful components, so they do not have the possibility to cause contraindications.

People who take anticoagulant drugs are only not allowed to use natural products because these drugs have contraindications with plants, fruits and vegetables. Also, cancer patients should not take it because there are some more things you’ll need to consider (and talk to your doctor about). 

Everyone else can use it, such as children and the oldest people.

Where can I find those products and inform about them? 


To achieve the general well-being of your body, healthy life, and nice-looking it's necessary to understand how your body works. Because of that, Wellnessan present you with our Wellnessan™ Ultimate Detox Guide that is specially made and adapted for everybody to understand.  It is a concept of helping metabolism that has been showing results for 25 years all over the world. Cleansing the body is the basis of everything.

Detox Guide offers:

  • How is your body communicating with you?
  • Recovery concept of your body and achieving general well-being (raising energy, immunity, weight loss, etc.)
  • What are the best herbal products that you need to use in order to help your metabolism to be clean and healthy? 
  • BONUS diet plan



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