How To Get Rid of Arms Fat - 6 Arm Exercises at Home


Arm fat can be a real nightmare for some people. It can make your arms look bigger and thicker than they actually are.

The reasons for the appearance of arm fat can be various. It is not only a question of poor nutrition and inactivity, but it can also be hormonal disorders as well as a large amount of toxins from the external environment that have been stored.

How to take the fat off your arms and tighten the sagging skin is a problem that bothers many, but if you follow the following instructions, forget about the arm fat.

There are precisely defined principles that you must follow in order to lose fat, and of course there are also exercises and products that precisely target the fat on your arms like Well Arm Sleeves.

So let's start!


How to do proper nutrition to have more efficient removal of arm fat


How to get rid of arm fat is a big topic. It is common knowledge that nutrition is a crucial factor in any fat loss, and now you are looking for an answer to the question: which diet is best to get rid of arm fat and from the whole body.

Well, the persistence is crucial here just as the detox and the diet. So, you don't have to worry too much about how many calories you take in with each meal, although it is also important, but metabolic detoxification is also important. It will help you increase your energy and initiate the weight loss process where you will me able to withstand more intense workouts.

In addition to everything you eat, you must also eat a salad. As the season of fresh vegetables has started, the choice is very wide. Emphasize as many green leafy vegetables as possible.

Also, increase your intake of low-fat proteins (plant proteins!) Because they are very important in building muscles. Try adding complex carbohydrates to your diet, such as whole grains and vegetables.

Eliminate all industrial foods and fast foods, as well as juices that have a lot of sugar. Better make your own healthy fruit yogurts, smoothies and fresh fruit juices.


Make your meals varied. Instead of sweets for a snack, take a fruit salad or something made of fresh fruit. Avoid fizzy juices.

Exercises for arm fat removal


When we talk about solving the problem of how to lose arm fat, one of the main factors is arm exercises!

Exercises develop the muscles and shape your arms. The least you want is to lose fat with a diet, leaving you with loose arms. 

Below we will go through the best exercises that will help you shape your arms. Let's go!

  • Stand up straight. Shoulder-width apart.
  • Spread both arms out to be parallel to the ground.
  • Start performing circular hand movements as shown.
  • 20 reps, then a 10-15 second break.
  • Repeat the exercise 8-10 times.




  • Stand upright with your legs spread.
  • Spread both arms out to be parallel to the ground.
  • Make 20x scissors as in the picture below.
  • 15 seconds rest with hands down.
  • Repeat the exercise 10-20 times.


  • Stand up straight and raise your arms.
  • Bend your elbows and join your palms.
  • Lower and raise your palms to the middle of your head, fast!
  • 20 reps, then a 15-second break.
  • Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.


  • Stand upright with your legs spread.
  • Spread both arms parallel to the ground and clench your fists.
  • "Draw" small circles with your hands.
  • 20 laps, 15 seconds rest.
  • Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.


  • Starting arm position as in the previous exercise
  • Bend your arms as in the picture, so that your elbows are at armpit level.
  • 20 reps, 15 seconds rest.
  • Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.


  • Bend your knees slightly and lean your body forward.
  • Raise your arms in front of you diagonally upwards and bend them at the elbows.
  • Move your arms as if pushing and pulling something.
  • 20 reps, 20 seconds rest.
  • Repeat the exercise 5-10 times.



If you take a few minutes each day for a couple of simple exercises and give yourself a chance to stick to your diet, you will very quickly solve the problem with arm fat. Having thin and beautiful arms, you will be able to walk proudly in T-shirt and you will stop being ashamed of your arms. That said when you're ready you can start adding resistance with our Workout bands which creates a very unique kind of tension called Variable Resistance Training. VRT more closely matches the natural strength curve of your muscles than weights, which means better muscular contractions and therefore more muscle-building benefits which leads to more fat burning and long-term results. 

To get started, you need to choose the best concept of losing weight and best arm sleeves for fat burning and start today. After only a few days, you can feel the difference, and in a few months, the changes will be noticed by the entire list of your friends.

If you are at the beginning of your fitness journey consider checking our articles about booty shaping and burning belly fat.

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  • Nebojsa Jankovic